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The original inspiration to create Jump Into Music was born of the desire to offer high quality private music lessons on a sliding scale, giving every child an opportunity to develop a life-long passion for music which is significant and transformational. Our mission and vision reflect our personal experience, when as young music students, we were guided by teachers who developed our artistry, confidence, poise in performance, and leadership that comes with making music in community. We, in gratitude for what we have been given, are passionate about bringing these gifts to all children.


Mission: To give every child the opportunity to nurture their innate musical abilities, guided by enthusiastic and compassionate teachers, without regard to financial circumstance or demographics, empowering each child to be a positive influence in the world.


Vision: Music has the capacity to excite the soul in joy, provide comfort in sorrow, and inspire humanity’s noblest efforts toward peace and justice. Jump Into Music envisions the transformative gift of music to be a significant part of every child’s experience, encouraging creativity and accomplishment toward a compassionate life well lived.

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